• Fashion

    They’re back

    We’ve seen the rise of the scrunchie, Louis Vuitton is pushing the fanny pack, and now the bell bottom pant is back.

  • TBT


    TBT to 1986, pink sweater, red hair, and oh how I hated my hair cut! My mother wanted me to look like Dorothy Hamill and at 8 I didn’t have a choice. That poor little girl. I have really come…

  • Fashion

    My current obsession

    My current obsession! These scarfs are going to be so cool 😎 come those hot southern days! Who else loves them?

  • Fashion

    French tuck

    So if you’re part of the “Queer eye” crowd then this term is not unfamiliar but for the rest of us, it is. The French tuck is a way that you tuck your shirt in that gives your body the…

  • Current Deals,  Jessie’s Jewels,  Posse

    Posse Baby!!

     Posse is a subscription service that delivers 1-3 on-trend pieces to your door each month! These pieces are not found in our normal catalogs have a limited quantity.    These pieces can be a gift to yourself or to others!…

  • Bowling Green,  Kentucky

    Ephram Park

    Today was a wonderful day to get out and go to Ephram Park. This park has a great graveled trail, beautiful location, picnic area, disc golf, basketball, playground, and a ball complex. It’s pet friendly on the walking trail. It’s…