TBT to 1986, pink sweater, red hair, and oh how I hated my hair cut! My mother wanted me to look like Dorothy Hamill and at 8 I didn’t have a choice. That poor little girl. I have really come…

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    I love teaching and the best part about my current job is I get to teach all sorts of subjects and grades. Watching the social interaction of the students reminds me that kids are really not that different than when…

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    Build people

    Leadership is an action, not a position. I’ve known many Leaders and many bosses in my life, and few of either I would follow. That’s because you should build people, not businesses, and when you build people, they will build…

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    Flannel is Fancy

    One of the big misconceptions is that you can’t wear shiny jewelry with flannel. I do it all the time. My thoughts is, if I like, it works. Don’t focus on rules so much, as what you like. I think…

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    Focus daily

    Taking time to just focus on God Daily has definitely improved my life, my well being, my state of mind. It’s a game changer.

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    Knowledge is nothing

    Knowledge is not power, it’s what you do with knowledge that gives it worth. Think about it, just knowing how to do something say making a budget does nothing unless you apply it to your daily life. If you’ve been…