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Knowledge is nothing

Knowledge is not power, it’s what you do with knowledge that gives it worth. Think about it, just knowing how to do something say making a budget does nothing unless you apply it to your daily life. If you’ve been told this is how you reach salvation and you don’t do that, then salvation is not yours only knowledge is.

When the head of your company says this is how I made a millions dollars and all you do is shake your head and agree, you’ve gained nothing. The power comes when you apply what she told you to your business and that’s when knowledge gains something.

You can read a thousand books on how to ride a bike but you will never be a master bike rider until you go outside and actually ride the bike. Yes, you will fall down when learning to ride, yes it will hurt sometimes, but if you just keep going, keep applying that knowledge, keep trying, keep seeking those that can show you how to ride, you too will ride a bike.

Don’t be a knowledge hoarder be a knowledge doer. That’s the key to success, that’s why some people make it big while other’s don’t. Taking the action, that’s why some lose weight and other remain overweight. You can be positive all you want but nothing will happen until you do something.

It’s that act of doing, that putting the information into action, that makes the difference. Information into action is power, knowledge is nothing without it. Knowledge is just babble without action.

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