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    Build people

    Leadership is an action, not a position. I’ve known many Leaders and many bosses in my life, and few of either I would follow. That’s because you should build people, not businesses, and when you build people, they will build…

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    The Donna Necklace

    Check out this little beauty I’m wearing, it says, “For this child I have prayed and the Lord granted the desires of my heart.” Which if you know me, you know what I’ve been through and how precious my children…

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    Johnny Depp

    This one showed up in my Facebook memories and I just have to share! “The cool thing about Kentucky is the cool people it produces, well besides me of course. Johnny Depp’s home in Owensboro Ky from birth to age…

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    Flannel is Fancy

    One of the big misconceptions is that you can’t wear shiny jewelry with flannel. I do it all the time. My thoughts is, if I like, it works. Don’t focus on rules so much, as what you like. I think…

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    Old Richardsville Road Bridge

    The Old Richardsville Road Bridge in Bowling Green Kentucky is closed and foot traffic is all that is permitted. It’s my understanding that the bridge is considered “closed” and it was formally restored. It’s a beautiful place to take photos,…

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    Focus daily

    Taking time to just focus on God Daily has definitely improved my life, my well being, my state of mind. It’s a game changer.